Bergheu Gin Tonic Sonnleiten

Mountain Hay Gin

Have you already tried it?

Our beverage range has been expanded by an exciting specialty; The drink menu now reads “Bergheu Gin Tonic”. This extraordinary drink is available in this form exclusively at the Hotel Sonnleiten in Tux.

The Preparation

Bergheu Gin Tonic Sandra Bar

The basis of this drink is a special mountain hay gin which we will describe in more detail in the next section. Another important ingredient is hay again, but not in liquid form this time. It originates from the mountain meadows of the Schneetal via Vorderlanersbach. Fentimans tonic and lime complete our new long drink. The Mountain Hay Gin Tonic is served in red wine glass with a short straw. This is how the hay scent comes into its own when drinking.

The Mountain Hay Gin

Bergheu Gin Stiegenhaushof

The heart of this long drink is the “Bergheu Gin” from the Stiegenhaushof distillery in Schwendau in the Zillertal. The burner Martin Fankhauser uses no neutral alcohol as the basis for this special gin, but his Bergheubrand. In order to find the perfect hay, he tried numerous varieties from the valley floor as well as from the most varied alpine pastures in the Zillertal. His goal was to perfectly represent the flowers and herbs of the valley.

- Daniel Geisler

I am happy to tell you personally the whole story about this special drink

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