Spielraum Sonnleiten Tux


There will never be any boredom during your family holiday in Sonnleiten. In addition to the 1,200m² of the play-arena and the varied outdoor animation program, we have a play room. Table tennis, table football, darts, and game consoles guarantee fun and excitement for the whole family.

Game Consoles

Rennsitz Spielraum Sonnleiten Tux

Ever been in a Formula One car or in a rally car? With our racing seat with steering wheel, shift lever and pedals, a PS5 and the games “Gran Turismo 7”Formula 1 23 and WRC 10 this dream becomes virtual reality. There is also another PS4 and a Nintendo Switch with cool games for the whole family.

Table Tennis

Tischtennis Spielraum Sonnleiten Tux

In our game room there is a modern tournament table tennis with lots of space. You can also play a “round” with the whole family and have a lot of space on all sides for some impressive shots. We offer you racquets and balls free of charge.

Table Soccer

Tischfussball Spielraum Sonnleiten Tux

Another classic, which in our opinion must be in every play room, is a table football. When the all-important, final ball is thrown in, the tension can be felt in the air. Everything or nothing is said. A skilful pass to the striker who swipes it to the side and shoots the ball past the defender into the GOAL! This is table football…


Dart Spielraum Sonnleiten Tux

We have already played many exciting matches on our electronic dartboard. Whether a standard game, the popular “cricket” or one of the many other varieties of games, excitement and fun are guaranteed. The machine does the counting, so you can concentrate fully on your throws.

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